Important Message from the Webmistress

As part of my daily routine, I keep in touch with many websites around the world, surfing sites in many categories and with a wide variety of audience response. Some of the sites I use regularly have 13 million or more members using them every day; some are small and blessed sites off the beaten track. I’m discovering an incredible phenomenon. Surfers and seekers have much in common. A trend is occurring on the internet that exactly mirrors prevalent attitudes in spiritual circles.

This information is very significant to fellow spiritual teachers and healers, especially those who are using the internet to offer their work to the world. However, this information is also vibrantly significant to any one who seeks to serve others and also personally grow. I am identifying for us all a trend in consciousness that virtually results in internet policies and spiritual practices landing up in the same boat!

Contents of This Website

Below on this homepage, you will see examples of some of the things I focus deeply on, in my writings on this website:

The SourceSelf

I channel the Voices of SourceSelf. Through the auspices of your energetic core, I’m a phone call from the interdimensional Source of yourSelfdom. Who better to tell you what to do? Except maybe the Spaces…

Spaces Between Things

The Spaces speak as endless oneness, unbroken knowingness between and in all form. They are the spaces between subatomic particles and galaxies. When they speak vibrationally; you feel/see, I talk.

Shamanic Self Discovery

Combine rigorous listening + the gently penetrating grace of spirit presence, with a vacation on Salt Spring Island. I’ll take you to power places in our island landscape, and within yourself.

Not Dying

When a soul meets its maker, a profoundly stirring overview of one’s life choices occurs inside the self, complete with penetrating clarity and feeling. There is no need to die in order to get clear about what one is here for.

Relying deeply on the Voices, I bring you into conscious contact with your SourceSelf. I show you ways to hear the inner power guiding you. I give you tools and energy.

These sessions can be engaged on the telephone, in person, or by email.

Salt Spring Island Adventures

Salt Spring Market; arts and crafts, music, Hiking, boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, Festivals, Dances, Theatre, Comedy, Nature trails, sunny beaches, sacred sites, Retreats, spas, herbs, healing, self listening

Dragon Speaks

The Dragon = Ignition/Transformation.
Good ol’ Dragon has a little word to say about each sign. He’s who provides the kick in the butt. The Voices, who channel the horoscope, provide laugher and self honor.

Reconstruction Notice

The Voices could go on and on and on, and they do. We are never bored by them. We always want more. But the Voices want to talk with millions; want everybody listening!

I’m working on it. I have a huge amount of new transmissions currently in preparation for the site. At the same time, the Voices and I are writing a book, parts of which can be accessed through the Stories list above. A number of archived transmissions are available now; more are coming soon.

My Recent Revelation

Recently I had a profound experience with a male friend of mine. We were sat together in my living room, just talking trash like we often do. And progressively, the conversation got very deep. That’s normal for me but he’s never been the deep conversation type. And I don’t mean he never takes conversations into great depth, because he does, but what I mean is, I could see he was encouraging the conversation to turn spiritual. It’s less common in men. Obviously if anyone shows interest in this sort of thing, I will encourage them to carry on, because there is only benefits from doing so. And then it hit – this connection developed and we were able to both feel, at the same time, that we are not actually separate and are part of the same whole. I had no idea he was into this sort of thing and I was shocked. I also found myself feeling quite attracted to him, which is strange because I had pegged him as a friend from the beginning and I even friend zoned him shortly after we met, since he had shown romantic intent and I just wasn’t interested in that at all at the time. He then tried to see if he could get out of the friend zone but I was having none of it. I’ve always wanted a spiritual partner, someone who sees life and the world in a similar way to how I do. Well anyway that night nothing happened but it is exciting what that friendship could turn into! I will update the site as developments happen there.