About Me

It wasn’t an angel who touched me. It was more like a cosmic wand in galactic hands.

spacesThe picture to the right describes what’s happening between the energies of the universe and our little planet. Is it any wonder you and I are changing?

I am a psychic trance channel.


At the left is a rendition of the energetic cross section of a chakra. From the core, radiating out in all directions, comes the force of Creation. This is what is moving inside of each awakening self. We are being thrust from within by Universal Intent.

This site is dedicated to laying trails for consciousness to follow. By the command of the Voices of SourceSelf, I bring you profound teachings and transformational data designed to trigger and ignite personal, evolutionary shifts in awareness.

Contacting Me

Should anyone need to contact me you can do so via: me -‘ AT spacesbetweenthings.com