We come to speak about Avatars. We come to speak about divinity seeding itSelf into human form.

The continuums of UniversalSelf are like the unfoldment of a flower. From within the seed a sprout thrusts, pushing up and down simultaneously; stalk and roots move into form thrusting from within as bud becoming, and bud breaks open, flower cracks wide, petals burst, and from within the flowering form seed secretes itself, thrusting forth to join the world.

We are speaking birth. Ask your women. Women, how often do you ask yourselves? What about birth? What about the cracking, breaking open? What about the pain that ushers in new life?

People take spiritual teachings and make them into dogma, rules to run the world. Here’s a good one: (This is a paraphrase of the core beliefs of almost every religion.) Let go of fear and negativity; embrace Light and Love, and you will no longer feel pain or sorrow.

There is truth in the statement above, but it is befuddled in its wording and even more so befuddled by the beliefs held by many popular spiritual systems.

All right then believers, stop feeling pain and sorrow now. Hmmm? If you can do it, if you have done it, why, then there’s a period of respite. Yes? The world takes on a cheerier hue, the heart floods open with goodness. Hallelujah, and may the Force be with you.

Now dearest ones, any respite you receive from pain and sorrow is a song of joy sung in many realms. The Mother hearts are lighter. Beings in spirit hear/see your open hearts, and rush to sing their healing songs of joy. Oh yes! For real and certain.

The Spiritual Conversion phenomenon is based on this reality; and thus the experience an individual has during the time of “converting” to a particular faith, can move mountains. To remove pain and sorrow from the heart frees the heart to sing open its interdimensional petals, and thereby signal in the power of Love and UniversalSelf. Yes.

However, removing pain from the heart of one individual simply puts that pain somewhere else.

There is enough pain in this world, wouldn’t you say? When pain is removed, banished like a bad girl, the energy of Self held in the pain is wounded again, and wanders the earth looking for refuge. Ten million children a day die in garbage pits.

We are intense in our speaking to you. We are like birth. We are moving in you to bring Transformation into the human continuum.

A side effect of Transformation is healing. Another side effect is: The presence of sorrow, pain, anger, violence, despair, aloneness is transformed! The presence of Self held in these energy distortions is released into the now, into the flesh, into creation. The gap formed by denial is broken open, and Self births as a walking, talking body, here.

What’s the difference? One way or another, pain is no longer in the heart.

Pain is in the world, isn’t it? If you open your heart to the world, can you feel the world, truly feel what IS, and not experience the pain?