Channeling the Voices of SourceSelf

Every day I am more of the everything SourceSelf speaks of being able to Be through “my” body. Every day, as the Voices speak in me and through me, I am more astonished. I recognize KNOWING Nothing. I really do!

These Voices who speak through me, to me, have been “coming” through mySelf for years. They first named themSelves: The Tides Between the Stars. Various other names followed, as we moved together into EarthSelf and HumanSelf, and opened inner gateways into InterDimensionality. For a long period of time, for example, The Rolling Thunder Choir spoke through me. They tended to bring thunder storms and rain along with them. From their perspective it was uproariously, belly belching funny to get me outside with a bunch of people in a meadow or a valley, and then begin insisting that they are the wind and rain and they are speaking as the droplets running down our cheeks now. They were pretty good at appearing out of nowhere. They had to be. I’m not much for going outside and getting soaking wet on purpose.

Later The Rolling Thunder Choir evolved into She Who Remembers and She Who Sings the Bones. The Thunders remained themSelves, but they also became individuated uniquenesses who walk as Earth Forces, sometimes incarnate in human flesh. To my great shock and joy I later discovered that Mary St. Marie in Mt. Shasta, California also channels She Who Remembers. And, I walked into a book store in Shasta, approached a woman I’d never seen before and asked her if she knew She Who Sings the Bones. She did. Oh yes! As I began to meet other “inner” Voices through the voices of the Thunders, I began to also meet other people who spoke in shared Voice. Oh oh. Oh Yeah! Oh god, how to hang on here?

I knew a channel once, years ago in Calgary, Alberta, who did not know that others besides himself were channeling the Archangel Michael. I had done a journey across the country seeking out psychic channels. I was attempting to come to some kind of conclusion about what was happening to me. I went deliberately to channels who knew nothing about each other, and nothing about me. Very frequently it was the Archangel Michael who showed up to use their vocal chords and speak to me. He spoke almost the same message through every one of them. Basically he stated: “Wherever you go, don’t go alone. Always take others with you. Yet know this – you are the scout and you will go first.” When my new friend in Calgary heard me telling him that the words he had spoken in trance had been spoken before by others channeling the same entity, he had a very difficult time assimilating the experience. I understand the feeling.