I AM Self in All that IS

When we, as InterDimensional Self, come fully into your bodies, you have enough energy to do what you are here for. The Nagual Don Juan Matus used to speak of waiting for one’s Will. He would also speak of gathering enough energy to be able to encounter the unknown.

When we are present in your flesh, you have enough energy. Otherwise you don’t. If there had been enough energy in this human continuum to break out of separationSelf into the orgasm of interdimensionality, then certainly, humanity would not perceive from the viewpoint of a species alone in the universe.

We have sent you, indeed you have sent yourselves, as scouts investigating behind the front lines of the human containment field. Look at it this way, humanity’s been lost in Single Song for a long, long time. The species is currently coded, energetically and psychologically, to build containment fields, to build borders, walls, laws that create a situation of polarity, one side against the other. Likewise your experiences of your gods, divinities, and the projections you throw out into galactic space as means of perceiving, are distorted by the filters of your beliefs. ET Come Home and all the science fiction genres, expand the perception of the human eye within the containment field, and expand the containment field. Never-the-less, from our perspective it appears as if you are throwing, blowing spherical smoke rings around your planet, and getting better at energetically smogging up ever wider and wider little spheres of influence within your solar system. According to your view of the far flung planets and galaxies, we would say to you, you have not even come close to touching what’s out here.

You are designed as a Living Library, an interdimensional communication and creation system. As you have learned in this last century of electricity, mechanisms don’t work if they’re not plugged in

It’s that simple. You are programmed to project from 3D unicorn horn, third eye linear intent, onto the global silver screen of collective human perception. This screen is like a smoke screen we see from “outside” your reality, appearing as a bubble of energetic smog around the planet. True, this echo chamber of human collective intent pulses at times, and even once in a while surges open in quantum leaps.

These momentary quantum leaps come from out of nowhere, as Living Language signature. Universal signals access this dimension through humanSelf plugged into interdimensional Source. The Tree of Life, the living MerKaBa, is the movement of Living Language through corridors of undulating nothing. The magnetic fields of all manifest form work in universal synchronicity with interdimensional Source signature, when inner circuits are not clogged.

Single Song, 3D linear third eye unicorn horn of intent creates a kind of lasered fusion within the containment field it projects, cross circuiting the ever fountaining in all directions simultaneously, Living Language undulating from the Core.

Natural lines of magnetic pulse and pathway become clogged and short circuited, shut down and knocked out of operation when the third eye chakra (as the small segment of cells in the human brain modern mind uses consciously) creates a cloaking device, a shield around the body, head to toe, with the north pole as the only activated chakra. Literally then, all the other chakras, or energy centers, become unplugged. This creates a signature signal in the energetic Self as a warped distortion; a minimally operating, misfiring state of static. White noise. Therefore, no matter how far you think your ears are opening and listening to, no matter how many satellite discs your species targets to capture signals from the void, you are basically imprisoned by your own white noise, for most of your circuits are off line.

We have told you that you are trapped. We have said: You are no longer just afraid; you are trapped. You are trapped because you do not have enough energy to get out of the trap.

At this time it is of vital importance that awakening human beings learn/remember how to hyperlink with kindred heart, other bodied awakening Self. Simultaneously, in order to have enough energy to do this, it is vitally necessary you learn/remember how to hyperlink with interdimensionalSelf.

Now we shall give you a report card report. Many of you who read this, are accessing fairly well into Integral hyperlinking, with increasing experience of interdimensionalSelf. You are improving greatly in making time to feel attunement to other beings in the World Wide Web of Self. However you are still quite inept at the application of Selfdom in everyday 3D, in dealing with the conduits of the human Grid while manifesting. You become unplugged. You become contained. You lose energy in your 3D actions like a paratrooper loses altitude.

We come to gently tell you that the solidness of this dimension tricks you, the illusion of the containment field wins, and you cut personality self off from the eternal veins of hyperlinked Integral Self. Thus you do not have enough energy.

This may come as a bit of a shock, for in actuality, in reality, here and there, bit by bit, you have achieved some very magnificent creations. You are like popcorn, and popcorn gets eaten. After it pops and flies and sings, it falls down and gets consumed. You let us in, in the same manner you use your water tap, turning us off and on. When the flow ain’t flowin’, you don’t have enough energy.

Now what can you do about this? We will give you a simple recipe.




You do not need to focus on forcing personality to learn more about interdimensionality, or push yourselves into further attunement to kindred heart in the World Wide Web of Self. What we are saying in laymen’s terms, means: There is need for your attention to give permission to staying plugged into Self, while here in 3D.

I am Aranjaha, the I AM Core fiber essence of the embodiment Rosalie. I instruct you to notice that the basic framework of Operation Recognition has already been laid. I ask you to bring the I AM Self into now.

Allow your meditative attention to focus in the vastness of interdimensionality, then condense and coagulate as a steady flow of energy into defined locationSelf flesh moments. Allow the I AM to walk in amalgamation with personality.

I am always here; I don’t go away. I am turned off like a hologram. But like Hal the computer, I continue linking with universal data signals. The areas you surf in energy, even and especially in dreamtime, the territories you find within the inner realms, are structural routings interdimensionally in place as conduits prepared for continuous pulse of Source undulation. It is time now to engage the circuitries being opened through your bodied frames.

This I give to help you stay in hyperlink with the I AM, tuning and honing cognition into focalized 3D moments of Selfdom. Just as smokers cannot break their addiction by having just one more little puff, so you also cannot break the addiction to separationSelf, survival frequencies as linear grid 3D, if you keep going back into the perception of self alone in body as a way to engage reality.”