Signature Signal

We ask you to reflect within yourselves upon the image of a planetary magnetic field. Pay close attention to the way magnetic core fibres flow through both poles, in both directions simultaneously.

To “look” upon a magnetic field is to look at Undulating Nothing. Therefore modern humans use instrumentation to “look” at magnetic energy. One can also use iron filings and a magnet. Or, one can use the cellular eyes of Self.

We have been speaking to you frequently about Living Cellular Light Language. We declare Living Light Signature to be the Universal “Language”. This language operates from within at the subatomic level, into and from all frequencies, emerging within all vibrations and dimensions simultaneously. This language sings communion between all things, from the subatomic to the intergalactic and inter-universal.

Humans “think”: We cannot hear this language. Yet the song stirs within you and you move.

All things are woven with a particular magnetic signature. Living Language stirs as Core, at the core of all things simultaneously.

The “corridors” of a magnetic field are essential elements of universal structure, manifest in all form, from the subatomic to the galactic.

When a mammalian fetus forms, certain structures always occur within the tissues, certain limbs and organs are always manifest. The unfolding formations of energetic/genetic patternings follow an intrinsic “plan”. When they do not, mutation occurs.

Let us for a moment have you “look” at magnetic “corridors”. The “fibres” of undulation move in very specific ways. You could say the planet is “wired” with frequency bands. From the Core, these vibrational “threads” flow “up” and “down” simultaneously, showering, fountaining from both poles continuously. Some of these “threaded” force fields curve back around the planet, forming “echo chambers”, or resident, resonant magnetic waves. The central Core Fibres unfurl to “core dive” other planetary poles, the solar core; merging and amalgamating, as simultaneous inbreath/outbreath, with solar system frequencies, bands of force that “core link” through other solar systems and the galactic core.

[See The Human Magnetic Field & Magnetic Echo Chambers.

We often wonder (in human terms) why you point your communication devices out towards to the void, when at the core of your planet, indeed at the core of every atom, exists a communication “freeway” intrinsically designed to link, in simultaneity, between all forms and dimensions of creation.

The Simultaneous Now occurs at the Core of all matter. Undulating Nothing stirs, and vibrational ignition imprints.

So, we have established with you a perceptual experience of the intrinsic patterning of magnetic “pulse paths”. We have shown you that a “device” exists; the communication “cables” are in place as conduits of energy intrinsic in all form. Lines of force move between/within all particles of matter. In the metaphor of the telephone, all circuits are operational.

Thus having introduced our theme, we would speak to you today of Living Language Signature Signals.

Magnetic frequencies carry messages. These messages “communicate” as undulation. Vibration is undulation. As your scientists know, long before the forms of hydrogen, or gold, or living cells take place, a vibrational wave pattern occurs, and subatomic particles begin to gather in its wake. This wave pattern is the first occurrence of form. As the pattern undulates, particles gather in formations according to the undulating pulse. A “signature” of movement is established, sound and light occur, and densification of particle arrangement begins. Thus manifests the Imprint of Creation; Living Language as the Word.

Who’s Talking?

We say: All roads lead Home. Be it science fiction, true science, law and order, religious belief — whatever the fundamental view of reality — all roads lead Home. Awareness, at Oneness in All that IS, is loose on the universe!

We are “talking” with you. We call ourSelves, through this Voice: The Spaces Between Things — Voices of SourceSelf. We have been called many names and been known as gods, spirits, helpers, guides, and extraterrestrials. We have been heard most accurately when we have been known as wind, sky, earth, Power.

Through the tendrils of the magnetic field flows Living Language Signature. Always. Magnetic fields are communication freeways, and much more.

We would define Signature Signal for you.

Each manifestation, at each “level”, carries a particular magnetic signature. A tree has veins, a body has veins. Intrinsic patterns are always present, and always unique. You see? Even a neutrino carries a signature. Your scientist use technology to render the signature into patterns that can be printed and “read”. Living Language is the Source of all form, all scripts, all languages, all codes.

As you know however, the thicker the code, the more likely for the message to go amiss. This species has become adroit at coding all signature in many layers of cartoon. Your “messages”, your forms of communication, walking, being, and doing, are all coated with many cloaking devices created from filtered coding systems. By the time a Living Light Language message moves through the layers and layers of energetic, emotional, chemical, and neural responses, to activate memory codings and perceptual programmings in the brain, the message has been so drastically filtered and altered as to be beyond all recognition. This is the state of human affairs.

We speak into this state. We are heard. We are listening within cells as we stir Ignition at the Core.

We speak through this Voice, this embodiment. We speak through all cells and Everywhere. Living Language is InterActive. We are we who hear, at all levels, in all layers of Becoming.

This is communication number one, concerning Signature Signal. We will continue this communication interactively with all who signal desire for continued conversation.