The New Intent

You have come to feel/know, and some of you to See, that individual beings have energy signatures. The Nagualian Schools of Perceiving give you a view of the Luminous Egg, of the left and right hemispheres of an ordinary human’s energy, and the four quadrants of a Nagual’s woven web of locationSelf. Many of you have come to feel/know, and some of you have come to See the energy signatures of trees and places, crystals, furred and feathered and finned interdimensional gatewaySelves. Planets have their own living signatures of undulating Nothing stranded starlight. So do solar systems and galaxies.

In our vocabulary we would use the term “double being” as “Interdimensional GatewaySelf”. When human body gateway beings stand in matrix in the land, their combined energy fields ignite in gateway signature, as fulcrum keys to all dimensions and all directions. In the language of the New Intent, All Cell I Ignition WILL occur in living 3D. Interdimensional alignment WILL occur, and locationSelf engage landscapes, entire planets, thus “switching” vibrational frequency orchestration through all dimensions into Re-Creation at the Core. The Mayans did “walk away” when they left this planetary womb for other worlds. Don Juan and his party of warriors did also walk away, and now walk in many worlds. Yet and however, in the New Intent it is the Universe who will do the walking. Into your living bodies, Now comes All that IS.

We speak as cellular knowing and do not, through human body at this time, find ease in coming into word form. In a few milliseconds within the cells we can show a human bodied self millenniums of aeons and vast vast stories complete with intersected, inserted moments of whole vignette, distinct and individual worlds and lives. We can show Beingnesses with galaxies for eyes as energy signatures; and galaxies as energy signatures, as trees of stranded undulating light, each strand flowing into worlds and worlds and worlds and worlds unfolding, and each world made of stranded multifaceted interwoven jumbles of vibrant Signature!

At this point please quote a little Lyssa Royal, asking her permission to use certain segments from Germane’s transmission entitled: Galactic Family. Please refer the reader to ways of discovering more of the information coming through Lyssa Royal.

We will take a break. We would suggest that the channel does not go into conversation. We are seeking a means by which to translate the imagery her body is prolifically providing, into verbal language. Rest then, while we look for vocabulary.

[We didn’t go back into this transmission, and we forgot all about getting Lyssa’s words from the Internet and inserting them here. We were very triggered and a great many things were happening inside of us. Much of what was happening in me had been set into motion through a very succinct piece by Carlos Castaneda about the “Rule of the Nagual” as he received this information from Don Juan. My son Max sent this piece to me, and as I read it, many “gateways” seem to pop open inside me and I knew things I have always known, awarenesses always there beneath and between all I do, yet I must say, that until this recent moment, I knew nothing… so the experience of the gateways popping open inside me was very intense and overwhelming.]

{Very important to read as background explanation for this transmission. Thank you Rick Mace. (Check out Rick’s awesome pottery. You’ll also find it at the address above.) You may also find the Nagual’s Rule,, of course, in Carlos Castaneda’s book: “The Eagle’s Gift”.}


A couple of days later.

Begin Transmission:

Have you ever seen sun streaking through clouds? The way the rays of light fan out, the way the branches of the trees dance towards the sky — the way a magnetic field fountains at both poles — this is how Self manifests. We have told you this many times and in many different ways. We say the Tree of Self (which some people call the Tree of Life) fountains into many bodies, many lifetimes, and many Planetary Wombs. You/Self are walking on other planets simultaneously in the Now. And then, do not forget about the vastness of All EarthSelf surrounding its core/sun. If some days you are a little scattered, you might try looking for yourSelf somewhere else.

Beta thinking runs only in specific corridors, and thus the world is shaped and dense. Now if 3D is all that you are concerned with, you’d better get cracking your own whip and follow those lines of projection through to their end goals.

Ahem. Could you point out for us any place in nature where there is an end, or even a goal? Darling humans, in your process of growing up you are going to have to allow for what IS to Be.

If wholeness and Re-Creation are what you’re here for, we do suggest that when you feel scattered you should look for Self elsewhere.

This is the Rolling Thunder Choir, also known as the Tides Between the Stars — essence and flow of, and within, the Spaces Between Things. What do we have to do with Lyssa Royal, with Germane? Germane says that he/she/it is a conglomerate awareness. What do you suppose the Tides Between the Stars consist of?

But then, little humans, we know it is still so difficult for you to even conceive of water Knowing something. In our characteristically humoristic manner, we should like to point out to you [The Voices laughter here is a chortle of mischievous delight.] that you would not be thinking too well if all the water was removed from your bodies. Now to some organisms, your flesh is an ocean they swim through, your chakras great suns that ignite from within, your pressure points stars by the millions.

This galaxy is a Being and it is also an eye. We will speak of the Being whose eye it is later. For now it is enough to stretch your minds out into this galaxy who is a Being. The Mayans called Hunab Ku the Galactic Core.

[Rosalie’s body is making very strange motions and stretchings on her chair. Earlier, she had pulled her back out, and it is hurting. The Voices address this:] We are fixing your back.

[This worked, by the way, and later my back was fine. — RM]

You have Core running through each of your bodies, and it is the core of each chakra, the core of each cell. Now, looking at you physically in 3D, we see a form with ten fingers and ten toes, eyes and a nose and things sticking out of the top of its head. So as a human we should say to this object, from the top of its head to the tip of its toes: Hello Rosalie, Hello Tamu? Unfortunately dear humans, very many of your galactic cousins can’t see your precious fingers and toes, nor your glorious hair. When they say hello to you they say hello to your Core, to your unique and effervescent Signature which ignites your luminous egg. If the inventor(s) of the electric light bulb had only been able to focus on the glow of a candle, the rays of the sun, darling ones you wouldn’t have the electric light bulb. Knowing where light comes from, makes it possible for light to occur.

As long as you draw god and light down through your crown chakras, you will only feed your luminous egg with fluctuating reflections of old light. Ignition comes from within. Ignition is known to your species as Original Creator God Force.

Like the rays of the sun, like the branches of a tree, you flow through yourSelves. There is a being whose body is this galaxy. Now tell us dear humans, in what way would you approach saying hello to such a being? If you could, would you fly out to some distance, and contemplating the whole body, say hello? Or, would you, if you could, dive into the Galactic Core and there speak your hello?

Mythologically, we would say to you that the being whose eye this galaxy is, is not entirely in focus in 3D. In December of 2012 [gleeful laughter] your 3D universe will get a good look at god’s other eye. Space/time folds and is curved, in wholenesses. The blood coming into your heart is pumped back out into the body. Consider then mythologically, that your planet and your solar system are headed for a hole in the Milky Way, and that hole opens up into “God’s” other eye.

Looked at through the lens of time, Self has past and future. Seen from the Core of the unfolding of All that Is, All IS. You do indeed walk upon other worlds, in other time space continuums, and in other dimensions. Consider then, if this galaxy is only the one eye of a being who has galaxies for eyes, where is *that* being’s Core?

[We were interrupted by the phone, and now again sit down after reading the first parts of this channeling over again. — T.T.]

Begin Transmission:

We would recommend here that all readers go to Lyssa Royal’s Home page and read the transmission called “Preparedness” [Interdimensional and ET contact] — Preparing for Contact in Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. You walk in Beta, and Beta is gridded with linear frequency. Thus you build gridded roads, gridded buildings, gridded minds. Many many interdimensional and extraterrestrial beings cannot walk in gridded 3D, not any more than you can walk through mountains. In Alpha and Theta frequencies the human beingness opens enough vibrational space, breathes enough energy, to actually Be.

Here quote a few succinct lines of Lyssa/Germane, for there is no need to re-say what has already been magnificently said. [Sorry, haven’t got there yet. Read the second section of “Preparedness” as transmitted by Sasha. – RM]

In the language of the New Intent a “double being”, as an interdimensional gateway, is compelled from within to open into walking/talking every day as Alpha and Theta cognition.

Your loneliness is ever increasing dear ones, the inner, silent, longing howl; the sensing of a whispered tantalizing loveliness so wondrous that longing still can only gasp at grasping, an empty echoeness haunting you and prowling through the core corridors [giggles here] of your bodies. It is time to Matrix dear ones. In the language of the Galactic Fleet, Sunanda and the Archangels, it is time for the “ground crew” to come online. You are paratroopers from the beyonds of beyond!!! Knock knock, who’s here? Psssst, we have a little secret for you: You are not only double beings, you are multifaceted endlessness, and you are ground crew of Operation Ignition.

You are, collectively and individually, having a little trouble with your addiction to Beta. This is also an addiction to Control, Belief and Fear. FREE FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let Go.

Nothing to hold on to, your only lines of linkage the ignition spark that comes from Nothing, Nowhere to fill and be the where you are. The Core is woven unbroken through all Simultaneous Nows, from and through and within the Core of Everything, from the subatomic to the inter-universal.

When we say to you to look for Self elsewhere, we are only playing elementary games with you dear Watson, tricking you like Coyote, dressed up as Turtle in a race with Br’er Rabbit. You must allow Beta to become what it IS. 3D. You have the capacity to walk vast interdimensional, Core woven signature Self in human flesh, and to walk it in co-ignition with other species (especially the Saguaro cacti) here, in Re-Creation.

If you have not done so, read Castaneda’s rendition of Don Juan’s version of The Nagual’s Rule, the Eagle’s Rule.

[Another interruption.]

Fortunately there are some ET species still in favor of the continuation of the human species. This Planetary Womb is a Living Library. Your galactic family dear humans, though humanoid, can be seen reflected in the many species you see about you. There are beings with galaxies for eyes, whom, through the lens of your current perception, we would call Dragon. There also exist interdimensional, intergalactic vast beings who are Cat and Eagle and Lion and Dolphin, etc. Your galaxy is the Eagle’s eye.

This planet is a Living Library. This planet is about to core dive a hole in the Milky Way. Many of the primary species on other Planetary Wombs, members of your galactic family dear humans, are not even remotely interested in protecting or perpetuating the human species. Yet your cells dear ones, and your Library planet, contain the codes to Re-Creation — Incoherence at the Core.

Throughout your galaxy, beings exist and live in different vibrational dimensions. When human awareness does not trap itself in 3D Beta, when it opens the vibrational space for Alpha and Theta, the universe becomes far less lonely, and humans discover themselves not alone.

Interdimensional gatewaySelves, as Essence, cognitively incarnate from and through, and at the Core of vast endless SourceSelfIgnition. Many of you are scattered like seeds in the wind, little paratroopers into human locationSelf all around planet Earth. The time has come to Matrix. Matrixes are not built of a group of people who all share a common cause or idea. They are built of widely divergent characters absolutely polarized and perfectly dissimilar. They’re built of the same force that creates a wholeness through what you might now call the four directions. Members of a Matrix (of a Nagual’s party) are interdimensional Selves walking in many worlds, while walking here in Earth flesh remembering to become the Wind; to flow through the addiction to Beta like wind through a screen.

You do not at this time, dear humans, have overwhelming support from your galactic family. That is why, currently, the majority of your channel vessels and psychic mediums, are speaking over and over and over again for the same little cluster of voices from the same little cluster of star systems, and the same galactic fleet. In Don Juan’s words, the Eagle eats you, and you as a species make no effort to expand this fate. This entire galactic family you are part of knows for the most part a lot more than humans do about what is coming to be in this now of your Now. Re-Creation. 2012.

Members of a Matrix team recognize each other, in accordance with the New Intent, through compelling force, FIRE from within at the Core. You are each becoming your own Nagual and none of you have a Nagual to follow. You each search within and without for the other bodies of Matrix, and as long as you do this unconsciously, while stuck in your addiction to Beta, you will never find all those whom you are looking for. And you will never be able to stay around the ones you do find. When you allow yourselves to walk cognitively in Alpha and Theta you will begin to discover some of those you are looking for, and See that some are already here, walking with you, from and in elsewhere. Some of the Matrix members (hee, hee) are not in 3D.

Some of you are now experiencing great sorrow over lack of walking, talking day times with other Matrix members. Take Lyssa/Germane’s advice into Self, into your whole intent. PREPARE for Contact. You ARE in Contact; you are being contacted. Some of you, every day, have interdimensional intercourse. And then you get up, and walk away in Beta.

We give to you as primary homework dear Watson: Learn to walk in Alpha and Theta.

What does this mean about getting things done in 3D? We will give you a little hint: Your thoughts, your plans, your dreams, and even your lists and schedules, have origin in DreamTime Delta, — SourceSelfIgnition — and MOVE through Theta into Alpha to get to 3D Beta. Ahem. If the Creator Designer SourceSelf within you determines what and where you Become, your Doing is best based on the Not Doing of being vessel for SourceSelfIgnition. Eh?

We thank you.