Who Are These Voices?

I usually don’t answer this question any more. I have given up the effort of trying to explain something that so many people think is totally loony tunes. I gave it up years ago. At about that time, I and another channel of great worthiness, Ray Donnelly (also featured on this site), were writing lines for our brochures like: “We are No Name Brand psychics; we’ll channel anything that comes into the room.” These kinds of answers didn’t go over too well, and indeed often triggered people around me into full shielding; on guard psychic action! People instinctively got into getting out their unicorn horns of white light judgement, and zapping anything that moved.

I don’t intend shielding. I taste, and listen, and move with integrity and discernment. Sometimes I do all this as a damn fool stumbling on by instinct alone. Sometime I do it from a state of power and awareness. Either way, I let Self pour through me, and Source fill my life. Sometimes, as you will see from the transmissions available on this site, re-entry into being little Rosalie in 3D everyday is a little ridiculous.

I encounter all kinds of weird energies and dangerous entities just walking around in the flesh. It is here in 3D where I’m concerned for my well being. In the endless worlds within the frequencies of All that IS, I may trust my universal vastness to link me into wholeness with whatever I encounter. Here, in the human world, I often forget to be the Wind, and flying darts of Beta vibration packed with charged denial come flying at me, and I shield. I was taught to do this, subliminally, as an infant. We all were. This program costs me. Densifying my energy to keep things out makes me inhabit frequencies where harm can be done to my flesh and my energy. Instead of being the Wind, I am Humpty Dumpty’s shell and keep thinking I have to put myself back together again.

Who’s Talking in these transmissions IS exactly WHO they say they are!
Sometimes the Voices don’t say exactly who they are, and sometimes there’s no way to say just exactly who all the many endlessnesses are, now talking as one Voice within and through my body. Self in many bodies, Self in All that IS, rendered into coherent communion through locationSelf as Voice ~ that is Who’s Talking.

You will find you recognize these Voices. Maybe you won’t know just how you recognize them, but something deep inside yourSelf will recognize what they are saying as endlessly familiar. They’ll get you going; they’ll trigger you and trick you, and ignite response within you that lets love pour up out of yearning, into Remembering! Enjoy. And when you feel moved, when your body and emotions are responding, stop reading. You’ll regret it if you don’t. (This goes for all of Ray’s transmissions also.) These Voices are powerful medicine, and you can take too much at once. Take what flows into you, and when it starts to jolt and bump, get away from the words and get into yourSelf. Seek landscape, seek sky; open to All that IS, everywhere. For from Everywhere Voices are talking to Self in body, now.