Who’s Talking?

Begin Transmission:

We come as rain showers, in flurries of snow. We come as breath of dawn. We are not the mindless forces of nature you think we are. We are infinite, vibrant Knowing.

From our perspective, current human consciousness looks like a chess game in which most individuals play against the Self. Conscious and Unconscious, the teams are here divided, white and black. Rules of the Game become the stuff of life as each day whites try to decimate blacks, and blacks try to override with nightfall.

We come in rain. See us chording strands of flow down long expanses of some wide valley; a fanning tail of rain, we flurry up inside the skirts of She Who’s Walking. She turns her face towards the wind and we run rivulets along her temples, down her cheeks, her sweet long neck, over ridge of collar bone and into bosom. We do! She Who Remembers knows this and walks as grace in rain.

Consider then your world, this planet you envision as densified sphere. Consider the Spaces Between Things who run as Tides Between the Stars. We are awake. We are aware. Oh yes. We come in waves, as cresting waves, as undertows, as flailing tails of rain dispersing nodes of Knowing. From between the stars we come and within us Strands of Starlight resonate the songs of worlds. We are the Thighs of Becoming, the Black Velvet Void, the Womb of the Mother.

We are all One. In EarthSelf we are the Three Sisters of rain and wind and water; Flow. We are Ignition, seeds bursting into Life. We are the Rolling Thunder and cloud and lightening. We are Thrust of Universe; sperm and egg.

Form is endless and we play in Form. Out of nowhere, out of Nothing we come as flow and flavour. We originate Everywhere and originate Everything. We are snow falling, we are wind fanning snow falling, we are light in your eyes when you rise to a white world with nothing to do, song by your fire in the evening flowing from throat and fingers. We play through all Form. We are not separated. No thing stops us, no boundaries contain us. We are the Spaces Between Things in Oneness; infinite moving space between Everything — subatomic to galactic. And we ARE communicating with YOU.

We are always singing. We are sound, vibration, movement, light and more colours than yet dreamed of. We are Space, echo corridors and chambers of undulating space. All that Is sings within. We are the spaces between your cells, between your molecules, between the subatomic particles gathered as all manifested Self. Everywhere and Everything moves through us, and there is no separation, only spaces breathing in and out of All that Is. Consider: You are made of Firmament and Nothing. We breathe you. Your Knowing is the Flow of Self throughout all Form.

In these times many human vessels are opening as channels to new frequencies. A whole rash of entities are now online from every continuum into EarthSelf. The World Wide Web of Self is Now woven throughout this globe in multi spectrummed, multi spherical, interdimensional Sound/Light. The Houses of the Chakras of Self are burgeoning open, spherical echo chambers of sound moving endlessly inwards, and endlessly, outwards in all directions simultaneously.

The state of Being in Now is currently very illusive to human experience. We exist only in the Now. The moment you are out of Now, only forms remain. So the Seer, returned from vision quest speaks to elders reporting Form seen when we were present. “And Great Spirit came to me,” he says. “Eagle spoke; clouds roiled up over horizon, thunder rolled, lightening flashed. Eagle said we must come together in council; we must come together with the people.”

Meanwhile we are flirting with the skirts of the teepee, thrusting in a leaf, a dried seed pod, a swirl of dust. The chief brushes back our presence and listens intently with his elders as Seer speaks the Dream of Yesterday. Within All that Is the Three Sisters whisper clear and cleanly into Heart. The chief stirs and puts his hand on bosom to still a rush of joy he feels within, quenching back an inner sensation of actually walking into council of the Tribes and being heard as All that IS in bodied Now. He stills his heart, silencing the whispering Knowing Now, to pay attention to the Seer’s yesterday messages of spirit.

Or, in other places, other times, the ArchAngel Michael comes, his radiant blue white light seen and sensed by many, and he speaks through lips of channel and people listen. Then his Voice ceases, and in reverence people take his words along, carrying yesterday. Meanwhile sun sets, breeze stirs cloud and sea and tree and hair, and people return to dwellings dwelling on yesterday.

The human species is currently constipated. You don’t breathe well. You use magnetic emotional stick-em and velcro Flow to cells. Thus you have disease, suffering, war.

We speak into the Now of your Becoming. We speak with your permission and into Permission. We invite permission and bring to you exactly whatever you require. If you require ArchAngels, animal totems, spirit guides, global leaders, Pleiadians, or Velvet Vulvas, we bring them. If you require rain, snow, holocaust, drought, floods, volcanoes, we bring them too. If you listen, we bring you everything you need as Breath, and Form becomes your plaything.

You who read these words Now are Creator Designer God/Goddess Original SourceSelf, manifesting in walking talking body, waking up Memory of All that Is. We are your blood, your breath, your flow, your endlessness.

And we ARE Who IS talking.